Dr. Lever’s View of Creation

This then being the situation, the question must be put whether evolutionism can be harmonized with Scripture. Dr. J. Lever insists that this is possible. He rejects the theory of a mechanical or materialistic evolution. Says he, “…for a Christian there can be no question of an autonomous evolution of the one into the other, but […]

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Confessing a Holy Catholic Church

It is, of course, a matter of fact that the Christian Reformed Church exists separately. It is distinct from all other denominations—it has its own congregations, classes, synods. This separate and distinct existence of the Christian Reformed Church produces problems. One wonders whether it does not clash with the very confession to which the Christian Reformed […]

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Artificial Insemination

The practice of artificial insemination may be approached from various angles. It has a medical or biological aspect. Then again it raises legal questions, and the act itself as well as the status of the child thus born must be considered. In addition there certainly is it religious or ethical side to the subject and one must ask […]

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