“Chaff” in the Bible

Dear Sirs: Three decades ago in a heated Synodical debate in connection with the “Janssen Case” a minister of the Christian Church (in good standing at the time but deposed in the subsequent Common Grace issue), when asked whether he was sure he cherished love for the person of Dr. Janssen, replied by quoting Psalm 39:21f. (“Do […]

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“Chaff” in the Bible?

“Do not I hate them, O Jehovah, that hate thee? And am I not grieved with those that rise up against thee? I hate them with perfect hatred; They are become mine enemies” (Psalm 139:21 ,22). The imprecatory passages in Holy Scripture, such as the one above taken from Psalm 139, seem to raise questions in the […]

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Prof. Hommes Comments on Torch and Trumpet

THE Gereformeerd Weekblad, popular Christian weekly published in The Netherlands, in its issues of June 12 and 19, last, contained a pair of articles written by Professor N.J. Hommes as a comment on Torch and Trumpet. We are proud of this fact, since Prof. Hommes is well-equipped to give a noteworthy evaluation of things from the […]

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