Rebel Saint Reclaimed

Empowered to torment him short of death, The Adversary scourged on Arab prince: With ruptive hatred reft his herds and heirs. A leprous outcast caked with clots of filth, Job squats, ash-covered, in the refuse. And swollen blister-pouches burst with worms As suppurating ulcers belch decay. “The Lord, who gives and takes, be blessed,” he […]

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Scene Shift in the Garden

The sleeper, tautened in the creeping chill Of darkness, split a snore, and muttered When a sneaking, ill-clad comrade tried to snatch A ragged mantle from his dusky thighs. God in the Flesh loomed toward them, lonely In His ardent pain. The bitter breeze Expired through the olive trees. The stony soil, Baptized with blood-like sweat […]

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