Korean Presbyterian and the West

What contributions has the west made to Korean theology in the past? What is it doing now? What may be the relation between Korea and the west in the future? Is there some possibility of a productive Korean theology that may contribute to western patterns of thought? These are the questions we should like to pose […]

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Conservative Trends in the Korean Church

Where does conservative thinking stand in the Korean church today? Is its position as firm numerically. as it was twenty years ago? What are its characteristics? Criticism of the Korean Churches Some of these questions are not easy to answer. Conservative Christian thinking in Korean Presbyterianism is being subjected nowadays to radical criticism from many […]

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Theological Trends in the Korean Presbyterian Church

What is the theological picture today within the Korean Presbyterian Church? To those who take any active reading or praying interest in such a question, the answer will probably be, “Why, it is thoroughly conservative!” That opinion has likely come from the flood of literature and press releases which followed in the wake of the 1959 […]

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