Teeners’ Corner: What Shall We Do?

QUESTION: In our high school catechism class we have had a boy who got on everybody’s nerves. His misbehavior finally exhausted the teacher’s patience and the boy was ordered to leave the class and not to return again. He is now telling it around that he is through with Sunday School and the church as well as catechism. […]

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“Jimmy Was God’s Boy”

In a recent radio talk the pastor of a large denominational church in Western Michigan dramatically described the death of a six-year old boy in his congregation. Little Jimmy had been stricken with a fatal illness. Summoned to the hospital, where the child was being given every available medical aid, the pastor found him remarkably calm […]

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TEENERS’ CORNER: Wanted – Better Wedding Music

QUESTION: I expect to be married in June and want to have all the organ and vocal music arranged in advance, including the wedding march and recessional. Some of my friends have been telling me that the traditional Lohengrin march is not proper for a Christian marriage ceremony. I also have heard criticism of the well-known Mendelssohn […]

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