Repairing the Breaches

People in ancient times were concerned about breaches—cracks, and openings in their city walls. These people knew that such breaches in their defenses had to be watched for all the time and, when detected, had to be promptly and properly repaired. In the Old Testament Jehovah God a number of times spoke to His people […]

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What Synod Did – Race and Youth Evangelism

Marvin Van Donselaar, pastor of the Kanawha (Iowa) Christian Reformed Church and a delegate from Classis Northcentral Iowa to the 1971 Christian Reformed Synod, herewith gives his reactions to decisions on two matters: “Project Equality” and “Guidelines and Principles for Youth Evangelism.” “Project Equality” – Synod of 1971 was confronted by the Home Missions Board […]

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