Reformed Fellowship Youth Conference

The following article was written by one of the young people attending the Reformed Fellowship Winter Youth Conference, held March 16–18, Cedar Glen Conference Grounds, Bolton, Ontario, Canada.

Close to 100 young people attended the conference. The fact that made our weekend at Cedar Glen very worthwhile is: rather than a mere retreat, the weekend was a soul-moving event by the bold presentations of our speakers concerning the Christ of the Scriptures. First Dr. O. Palmer Robertson gave us a poetic approach to David’s treasury of Psalms; but better, he gave us the Psalms as a teacher of how we may express both praise and anguish to God with openness. Later Dr. Jay Adams elaborated on the matter of openness—with ourselves and our parents—in his topics: “There is Hope for You” (yes, you tool) and “Bridging the Communication Gap” (note: Not generation gap). Referring to chapter 4 of Ephesians, Dr. Adams impressed upon us the real necessity of putting off the old man (be this your Mount Vesuvius temper, or smoking, or neglect in housework) while putting on the new man (discipline, through prayer and work).

But the Cedar Glen resort-like setting cannot limit its activities to seriousness. With the quite unexpected snowfall we were proud as Canadians to show our American guests what a true “Northern” storm was, and we were never too busy to share with our newly made friends the generous facewash, backwash . . . . Saturday evening gave opportunity to all the natural (and not-so-natural) actors, actresses, musicians and clowns (?) to make known their abilities. Nor were they at a loss for expression. In addition, films, records, discussion groups and delicious meals helped to fill the gaps which were sprinkled in our busy schedule. And, oh yes, we did manage to squeeze in the occasional hours of sleep.

Sunday night, however, was the proper climax to our weekend. Dr. Adams was careful to point out to us that the result of this weekend should not stop at emotion, but decision. And in direct connection with this, it was a blessed ending that, together with guests, friends, and speakers, we could join the conference choir in a wholehearted singing of the weekend theme song: “The Lord’s My Shepherd, I’ll Not Want . . . .” Hopefully the decisions made at this weekend can still he evidenced many years from now.

NOTE: The Reformed Fellowship Youth Conference was followed on Monday, March 19, by a Minister’s Conference conducted by Professor Adams. The pastors were instructed in the riches of the Scriptures. In lecture and audience participation the speaker demonstrated that the Bible was written “so that the man of God may be perfect, fully fitted to all good works.” The day was closed with a meeting of elders and ministers, in which the challenge was placed before the conferees—“the church must claim its heritage found in the Scripture and use it.”

All left the meeting humbly grateful for our often neglected riches.

The Reformed Fellowship in Canada is planning another youth conference for the end of August or early September of this year. Look for further announcements.