Sharpening Our Meanings

The Scriptures teach us the universal character of the kingship of Christ. This we hold to without fear of contradiction. This was the conclusion drawn in the previous article dealing with this subject. We should now consider the practical side of this topic and inquire after the consequences of this teaching for our life as Christians in […]

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The Kingship of Christ

The recognition of Christ’s kingship is of decisive significance for all christian living on earth. Whoever thinks that the redemption of Jesus Christ pertains only to our spiritual life, has little appreciation for Christian organization in any field of action in this material world. But he who believes that Christ has redeemed not only souls but all […]

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Reflections of an Immigrant Pastor

The Editorial Committee of Torch and Trumpet has requested that I record my overall reactions to and somewhat settled impressions of the Christian Reformed Church. I am grateful for this opportunity and comply with thanks. Permit me to acknowledge that I shoulder this responsibility with misgivings. There is the difficulty of expressing myself accurately in the […]

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