Politics in Puerto Rico

In Cuba the revolution has produced a society out of joint and drifting away from democratic principles. The neighboring island of Puerto Rico has experienced under tutelage of the United States increasing stability and prosperity. Many material advantages have been gained by its inhabitants during the past decade. Not a few, however, are expressing dissatisfaction with the […]

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Feathers for Worms

Once upon a time there was a robin who didn’t like to work for his daily rations. The story says that he made a bargain in which he promised to swap a feather for each worm he would receive. Day after day he got his living the easy way, until he had no feathers left. Thereupon […]

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Blind Spots in South Africa

The Influential Dutch Reformed churches of South Africa have been much in the news during past years because of their association with the Nationalist party policy of “apartheid.” The Christian Century, usually very vocal when social ethics arc involved, includes an interesting article in its February 10, 1960, issue. The article deserves reading especially because it is […]

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