C. Van Til and His Critics

THE DEFENSE OF THE FAITH: Cornelius Van Til; 436 pp. The Presbyterian and Reformed Publishing Company, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1955.                     This volume setting forth the now famed Bramble Patch Philosopher’s answer to his critics is in a sense a welcome one indeed. In another sense the […]

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Book Brief

Studies in Isaiah EDWARD J. YOUNG (William B. Eerdman Publishing Co., Grand Rapids, Mich., 1954, pp. 206, $2.50.) Professor E. J. Young of Westminster Theological Seminary continues his scholarly contributions to the literature of the Old Testament with Studies in Isaiah, a series of short articles dealing with various problems raised by the critical study of Isaiah. As expected, Prof. Young […]

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Review: A Christian View of Men and Things

A Christian View of Men and Things is the title given by Butler University philosopher, Gordon H. Clark, to his latest work in the field of philosophical apologetics. Originally the contents, somewhat condensed, were the substance of the Payton Lectures delivered by the author at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California. The work purports to […]

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