Out on the gulf of night A star explodes in glory. From Heaven its mercyladen rays Are sent to tell the wondrous tale.

Straight to the “House of Bread” it points Where, in the hallowed shadow of a cross, A smiling infant lies, The Bread of Heaven to earth descended.

The star? Yes, the world sees it, And seemingly smiles at the baby, too. But only the eye of faith can see The shadow of the cross.

And lo, faith, feeding on the Bread, Sees the star become a radiant crown In whose light the very shade of Calvary Seems to have its own Shekinah-glow.

Star-light, baby-smile, deathshade, Eternity-bread, and glory-crown All these inseparable become As the heart of faith looks on.

May you embrace this Christmas-faith Which knows the star, the babe, the bread, Eternally united With the cross and with the crown In our sovereign Lord’s redemption plan.