The Father of the Christian School

Groen van Prinsterer, the father of the Christian Schools was born 150 years ago, in 1801. He died 75 years ago, in 1876. Christians in the Netherlands, especially the school-people, have remembered the occasion this past summer. A friend gave me a copy of “School en Huis,” the official organ of the “Unie, Een School Met […]

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“Be Ye Separate”

“Overture 1812” is Tchaikovsky’s stirring musical picture of Napoleon’s triumphant march into, and his in glorious retreat from Russia. The fiery music of the “Marseillaise” inspires the soldiers as they march to Moscow. Alons ellfants de la patrie, Ie jour de gloire est arrive. Bravely, confident of victory, they enter the city: the trap. Then: the fire! Hasty […]

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Training for Godliness

“Have nothing to do with godless myths and old wives’ tales; rather, train yourself to be godly” (I Tim. 4:7).         The Scripture passage above is excellent advice for Christians in every generation, but especially in ours. Part of training for godliness is to cultivate and develop a Christian Mind—a way of […]

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