Index April 1958 to March 1959 (No. 1 to 10)

AUTHOR Index: Allis, Oswald T.: “The Time Element in Genesis 1 and 2”, No. 3, Page 17 Andrews, Elizabeth: “Christian Freedom”, No. 2, Page 14 Bouman, Wilma: “Mental Health Testing in Public and Christian Schools, No. 9, Page 12 Cameron, Viola: “Who is My Neighbor?”, No. 5, Page 13 Danhof, Ralph J.: “Calvin Auditorium – […]

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Index for Volume VII

Author Index Bavinck, Herman, “On the Origin and Essence of Man”, (from his book – “Our Reasonable Faith”) No. 4 page 15 Bosscher, Albert, “Critique of L. De Koster’s ‘All Ye That Labor’” No. 2 page 24 Breedveld, Peter, “A Student Looks at Paul Tillich” No. 4 page 18 Danhof, Ralph J ., “The Gods That Failed” No. 10 page 16 De Jong, Alexander C., (Feature: […]

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