Democracy is one of those magical words in North American culture. It evokes strong feelings of confidence and pride. It is associated with patriotism and freedom and the rights of the individuaL It speaks of some of the best and noblest dimensions of our society. But Christians know that magical words must always be somewhat […]

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America Move to the Right or to the Right One!

The elections of November 8, 1994, who will forget them? They could be the beginning of a new direction in the governing and public life of the United States. Time will tell. They awakened many political leaders as to where many citizens want this country to go. All kinds of advice is now being given […]

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Agents of Authority

In the last issue, the source of authority was written about. God is the source of all authority. God the Father gave authority to His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Christ exercised authority while on earth authority to forgive sins, to drive out demons, to teach, to judge, and to give eternal life. Today the […]

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