Pastoral Care in the Christian Reformed Church

A nurse in our hospital in Grand Rapids, Michigan, once made this remark to the writer of this article: “No pastors are more faithful in calling on their sick at the hospital than the pastors from your church.” Of course the writer was most pleased to hear this praiseful remark regarding the pastoral work of his church […]

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Covenant Consciousness

The covenant of grace is the soil out of which the church grows. For this reason every centennial celebrant must be intentionally and critically awake to the meaning of this fact of grace. For church members to ignore the covenant is to forsake the matrix out of which they were born. It is as abnormal for […]

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Confessing a Holy Catholic Church

It is, of course, a matter of fact that the Christian Reformed Church exists separately. It is distinct from all other denominations—it has its own congregations, classes, synods. This separate and distinct existence of the Christian Reformed Church produces problems. One wonders whether it does not clash with the very confession to which the Christian Reformed […]

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