Reformation in Secular Sixty-Seven

As this issue arrives it will be time for the annual round of Reformation Day rallies, These are good meetings, generally, and we always feel that the willingness of many of the Reformed community to attend them is a sign of spiritual vigor. I hope that there will be such rallies in many places this year, […]

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The Laborers are Few

From various parts of the world the cry is heard that the demand for candidates for the ministry and for the missions far exceeds the supply. The Rev. James Munn, Foreign Mission convener, reported to the Church of Scotland at its most recent General Assembly, “What seems to be most lacking, abroad as much as at […]

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Imperishable Issues

Those of us who trace our spiritual ancestry to the 16th century Protestant Reformation are fond of saying that the questions then at issue are of lasting relevance. For that reason self-conscious Protestants never weary of celebrating this great event in the month of October each year, and a magazine such as this one cannot help […]

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