A Look at Books

Kenneth S. Latourette: BEYOND THE RANGES, 161 p. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans (1967), price $3.95 Latourette and the history of Christian missions have become almost identified in American scholarship. For more than fifty years he has stirred up individuals and churches to recognize the impact of the church through its missionary outreach upon the world. For […]

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The Relevance of History

A great deal is being said today about the necessity of relevance. It is alleged that Christianity as it was understood by Christians in the first century is not relevant to modern man, that modern man, conditioned as he is by the scientific world-view, cannot accept the framework in which the New Testament is cast and […]

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The Christian Family – No. 3: Sin and the Family

Scripture: Genesis 3:1–24 Background: When someone is seriously ill, he usually seeks medical help. Only the ignorant and foolish prefer quacks to qualified physicians. The best at our disposal is really none too good to regain the boon of health. Those acquainted with the predicament of modern society will admit that subtle and serious diseases […]

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