Dr. Cornelius Van Til: The Centennial of His Birth

Both Dr. Cornelius (Kees) Van Til and his wife, Rena Klooster; were born in 1895—he in May and she in October. On the occasion of the Van Tils’ eightieth birthday(s), the editor of this journal asked me to write an article to commemorate that event (Torch and Trumpet, Oct. 1975, pp. 1921). In response to […]

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Van Til and Apologetics

The name of Cornelius Van Til is inseparable from Reformed, presuppositional apologetics. Due to the importance yet complexity of Van Til’s thinking and of the discipline of apologetics in general, I aim to provide in this brief article a few sketchy notes on this Reformed apologist’s background and basic thought, as well as a capsule […]

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Book Briefs April 2000

Living in the Gap Between Promise and Reality: The Gospel According to Abraham By Iain M. Duguid P&R Publishing Company, PO Box 817, Phillipsburg, NJ 08865, ©1999, 167pp, soft cover A book which can capture the endorsements of Bryan Chapell, Willem VanGemeren and Sinclair Ferguson will do well in Presbyterian and Reformed circles. This is […]

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