Community Impact Seminar

In January of 1993 Christians received a wake-up call at best, a death knell for our society at worst. William Jefferson Clinton was sworn in as President of the United States of America. Within days of his inauguration Christians had a very good idea of what they were in for in the years ahead. The […]

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In the Culture Wars It’s God vs. Guns

Lest there be any lingering doubt about the central issue in the 2000 presidential race, a preview of coming attractions was seen recently in Washington. The political stars aligned to bring us gun control from the left and the Ten Commandments from the right as each party proposed a solution to cultural decline. Most Democrats […]

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Why Didn’t God Intervene?

I suppose the one question many people asked when the Columbine High massacre hit the airwaves was, “Where in the world was God?” That’s a fair question, and it deserves to be answered. The simple response is that He was where He’s always been — everywhere! It’s called the omnipresence of the Creator. So, was […]

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