The Christian Student at a Christian College

Representatives of the Board of Trustees, Calvin Seminary, Calvin Alumni Association, Faculty Members, fellow students, and Friends of Calvin College: This faculty student convocation marks the official beginning of the academic year 1957–1958 at Calvin College. September college convocations have become an American national institution. At some 1800 colleges and universities, presidents and deans will, during […]

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Calvin College and Seminary

That Calvin College and Seminary have served, and are serving, as pillars of the Christian Reformed Church can hardIy be questioned. The following simple facts may suffice as evidence. Nearly all the men who now constitute the ministry of the Christian Reformed Church were educated at Calvin College and Seminary; the great majority of present teachers at Calvin […]

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Academic Freedom

In recent years, academic authorities have, as in the past, found it necessary at times to censure or suppress student publications. This has occurred at state universities, Ivy colleges, and at Calvin College as well. In each instance, some students, and occasionally a faculty member, have raised the cry of peril to academic freedom. The […]

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