Surviving the Y2K Panic

While President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s famous statement about the Great Depression, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” doesn’t fit as an analysis for the Y2K computer bug, it may be coming close. Disruptions from the bug undoubtedly will occur — even the National Basketball Association, citing Y2K fears, last week was considering calling […]

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Preparing the Church for the 21st Century

We have been hearing much about the need to prepare for Y2K. Will the computer systems of our country and the world be ready for the dramatic challenges they face as the midnight hour approaches? Industry, banking, service organizations, churches, and other institutions have been warned to be certain that their hardware and software are […]

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It Ain’t Over Yet

Have you said, “If I hear another word about Y2K I’m going to scream!”? Well, start screaming because this isn’t a done deal yet. It’s obvious that the threat was very real since American corporations don’t make a habit of pouring millions of dollars down “non-issue” drains. Our nation and even the world seems to […]

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