Is World Council Unity Christian?

It was a desire for some kind of unity of churches which occasioned the initial formation and the subsequent development of the World Council of Churches. This is evidenced, even today, by the fact that the continuing theme of Council utterances is “the unity that we seek.” It is supposed then that the present structure of the […]

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The Editor’s Page

At our house afternoon mail-call is always awaited eagerly. We never quite know what to expect. Sometimes the box contains much that is useless and uninteresting. At other times there are letters from family or friends, important periodicals, and even materials for this magazine. Today the contents of the mailbox were especially significant. Today the […]

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I RESPECTFULLY DECLINE TO ANSWER… The man who likely has heard these words more often than anyone else is Senator McLellan, the watchdog of the u.s. Senate on graft, corruption and racketeering. Call to mind Billy Sol Estes, now behind bars, and Bobby Baker, still strutting about the town of Washington as the paragon of virtue. […]

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