Absolute Truth and the Hearts of Men

“Psychologism”—that is the name of an ever treacherous pitfall referred to in our previous article. When we slip into this pitfall, we lose truth in the maze of human experience. This pitfall can be avoided only by insisting upon the absolute, sovereign character of God-given truth. Only in this way can we hold before troubled […]

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Spiritual Counseling or Hocus-Pocus

As we begin our adventure in that interesting land of personality health and pastoral counseling we face several possible choices as to the road along which we might proceed. We could, for example, come to grips immediately with the question, What is mental health? The relation between so-called normalcy and so-called abnormality could be our first […]

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Pastoral Psychiatry

A young lady of some twenty-three years of age is deeply depressed. She can see no light and she has no hope. She feels she hasn’t a friend in the world. Even God is no longer her friend, the young woman feels, and the name of Christ her Savior leaves her untouched except to draw […]

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