The Relation Between General and Special Revelation

Can General Revelation be understood apart from Special Revelation? Can there be a conflict between the two? Which is superior? Does General Revelation reveal things concerning God which are not taught in Scripture? What benefit can we derive from General Revelation? Some of these questions are discussed in the significant article that follows; others are […]

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Are There Discrepancies in the Gospels?

Do the Gospel writers contradict one another? The first three Gospels are called the Synoptics. These writings, according to the thought contained in that Greek word, give us the same view of the earthly life of the Lord Jesus Christ. There is often a surprising agreement in the description of events. Alongside of this agreement, however, […]

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Withstand Beginnings!

What follows is the substance of an address delivered by Prof. R.B. Kuiper before the mid-western section of the Evangelical Theological Society on April 1, 1960. The theme of the conference was Scriptural Infallibility. My subject is the tried and true maxim Principiis Obsta!—that is, being translated, Withstand Beginnings! “Beginnings of what?” you ask. In answering […]

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