My Nature Lesson

A flask-shaped grey cocoon Hung near, its mystic wonder I would see! For snug within lay an Emperor Moth, Through the narrow neck its release must be… But its body is large, the opening small, Escape is to flight and airy bliss; With great labor its strives and struggles within, But haste clips the chrysalis. […]

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A Bundle of Life

The wheat lay lush and golden, Fast ripened ‘neath the Oriental sun; Sun-drenched and ready, waiting for the knife, Each grain is cut before the day is done. Bound carefully into a generous bundle Of precious life. And now, my heart, this lesson learn: Thou, too, art bundled with the ties of God’s own love. […]

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An Autumn Sketch

Tonight the rain comes pattering on my roof, It taps as would a prancing horse’s hoof. All day the leaden sky foreboded rain, The thirsty earth had waited long in vain. The bronzed leaves strewn thickly everywhere Are now a sodden mass, with trees left bare. How drearily the autumn trudges on, The days are somber, grey, […]

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