Awe and Accessibility

Within North American Evangelicalism there has developed over the past several years a false dichotomy between awe and accessibility in worship. Although many congregations are unaware of this “either-or” mentality, it is far too prevalent to be mere coincidence. How many churches now refer to their services as celebrations rather than worship? There is something […]

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Joseph The Husband of Mary

If we were to look closely at Joseph, the husband of Mary, the quality of his life and character would soon reveal themselves. We witness first his compassion, then his obedience to the revealed Word of the Lord, and finally, his faithfulness to the requirements of the Mosaic Law. Compassion, obedience, and faithfulness—all the qualities […]

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Three Pitfalls to Preaching

Humor, idealism, and sanctified imagination are three rhetorical tools that most preachers make use of at one time or another. We will explore why they should be avoided. Humor in the pulpit rarely serves the intended purpose of illustrating the text of Scripture. Invariably, the only thing that it accomplishes is to cause those who […]

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