A Letter to Friend About Spiritual Warfare

Doug and PJ Higby, Wycliffe translation missionaries to the Fulani nomads in Mali, West Africa, are supported by the church I serve. Over the last year, they rejoiced in a wonderful gift of God named Aboubacar, an incredibly brilliant linguist. Aboubacar spoke six languages fluently, was a master of Biblical Hebrew, and was an incredible […]

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Spiritual Warfare and Islam

Islam is constantly in the news. Open any newspaper or magazine, turn on the radio or television, and there will be stories about Islam. Many news stories report on the resurgence of Islam, the increasing attendance at mosques, the devout observance of fasting during Ramadan, a proliferation of Islamic publications in print and audiovisual media, […]

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A Balanced Approach to Spiritual Warfare

The title of this article would seem to indicate to the reader that there exists among Christians today an unbalanced approach to the whole matter of spiritual warfare. After researching the matter personally in conjunction with some of my doctoral studies in Biblical counseling, it has become apparent that such is the case. There is […]

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