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This fall evangelical Christians throughout the world will face the question of commemorating the 450th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. Strange as it may seem, this has become a pressing issue. Those now in the middle years of life will remember how only a few decades ago this event was celebrated with much enthusiastic praise […]

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All One Body We…in Australia?

A Methodist church member, using the pen name Lonely Christian, wrote as follows in New Life an Australian Christian newspaper: “It is a wet Sunday morning and the question in my mind is this: ‘Is it worthwhile to walk a mile in the rain to the house of God to worship Him?’…A year ago you could […]

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Preaching the Catechism

Is it still possible to be truly enthusiastic about preaching the Word according to the summary of its doctrine as found in the Heidelberg Catechism? In this 400th anniversary year of the publication of this Creed this question must be faced, and Dr. Alexander C. De Jong does so in a second of a series […]

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