Pastoring Promise Keepers

In the last couple of years, I have, like most readers of The Outlook, watched with fascination the Promise Keepers movement. I have stood in amazement at an organization that gathers 50 to 60 thousand men together for 16 hours on a weekend (and does it dozens of weekends each year!) to hear hard-hitting sermons, […]

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Building Men of God (1)

Last month, I wrote this column a piece explaining why I think the unbridled criticism of Promise Keepers I hear from so many quarters of the Reformed world is unwarranted. In short, I argued that we ought to take a balanced and careful approach, testing the produce and the fruit of the movement before opposing […]

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Closing the Gap

It was probably the largest gathering Washington has ever seen, but the real power of “Stand in the Gap,” sponsored by the Christian men’s movement known as Promise Keepers, was in its consistent refusal to speak of, or attempt to influence the government. Even the stage was turned away from the Capitol building. Speakers had […]

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