Book Review

The Dead Sea Scrolls by CHARLES F. PFIEFFER, 2nd ed., Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1962, 119 pp., $2.50 Tell el Amarna and the Bible by CHARLES F. PFEIFFER, Baker Studies in Biblical Archaeology II, Grand Rapids: Baker Book House, 1963, 75 pp., $1.50 (paper). Discoveries as important as the Dead Sea scrolls come few […]

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A Look at Books

Second Thoughts on the Dead Sea Scrolls by PROF. F.F. BRUCE Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan The Dead Sea Scrolls are among the most important discoveries in Palestine in the field of archaeology since the second world war. It could not have happened often In the history of the excavations in one of […]

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What Are They Thinking…

The Dead Sea Scrolls: Theologians, usually more interested in “sheep” than “goats,” have recently become profoundly interested in the results of one stray goat. A shepherd’s search for a lost goat in the desert of ancient Judah led to the discovery of ancient manuscripts in a cave near the Dead Sea in 1947. Chief interest so […]

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