Christ and Culture

Chrislus en Cultuur, by Dr. K. Schilder, Published by T. Wever, Franeker, 1948. 119 pages. A Difficult Problem There are as many cultural credos. Almost, as there life men in this world. Even we Christians are at sea We differ both as to the person of Christ and as to culture. But especially this last […]

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Our Shameless Culture

Our Western culture still exists, but as a tottering ruin. Its structures are radically criticized, and many of its traditions rejected. Michael Lind’s rant illustrates my claim. He argues that the Judeo-Christian tradition has contributed nothing to the development of a free, “tolerant, individualist, commercial society” in the West. He also contends that Christianity is […]

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Letting Culture Dictate Practice?

There has been a vigorous debate on Wes White’s blog, Johannes Weslianus,2 regarding whether or not establishing the office of deaconess (or placing women in the office of deacon) would push the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) down the same slippery slope followed by the Christian Reformed Church (CRC). For those not aware of the […]

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