Universal Atonement?

Our readers continue to ask questions regarding the position of Professor Harold Dekker and the Doctrinal Report in the Acts of Synod, Christian Reformed, 1966, which the churches are asked to study. For this time I will deal with one of the most crucial aspects of the problem by asking whether or not we mayor should […]

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Living as Christians

To be a distinctive people is always the calling and challenge which Cod through his Word and Spirit binds upon his church. This is to be reflected by believers in thought, word, and deed. In view of the strong tides of worldliness sweeping across the churches in this century, the Christian Reformed Church in synodical […]

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The Synod of 1963 and the Orange City Overture

A considerable number of voices have come to the attention of this writer expressing concern over the action of the Synod of 1963 in dealing with Overture No. 20. This overture had to do with the published views of one of the seminary professors on the subject of the love of God and “limited atonement.” Some of […]

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