Our Churches in the Netherlands

Many members of the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), especially in Canada, have family roots in the Netherlands and may even have been born in “the old country.” They take a continuing interest in our churches in the Netherlands. even though the news regarding those churches in recent years is mainly disappointing. Those who visit the […]

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Do You Belong?

Some time ago, the biggest Christian Reformed church in my urban area split over the issues that currently divide our denomination. Some 23 of the 25 office-bearers of the Mount Hamilton CRC, including the pastor, Rev. Raymond Sikkema, along with the bulk of the membership, decided the time had come to sever ties with the […]

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What Do Professors Do?

For a couple of years I heard comments about a book I was not eager to read. The book’s title put me off: it is called Profscam. The subtitle tells us more: Professors and the Demise of Higher Education. The author of this book is Charles J. Sykes. and it was published by St. Martin’s […]

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