The Accelerating Divorce Mill

First, an acknowledgement. I am indebted to David Bendin (Newspaper Enterprise Assn.)—not for a solution to the problem, but rather for statistics on today’s runaway rate of divorce. Obviously, Mr. Bendin is still at a loss concerning the solution as the concluding sentence of his article suggests; “Until a real solution can be found the […]

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Protestant-Catholic Marriages

This article is being written for women and, primarily, for those women who are Christian mothers. The subject of Protestant-Catholic marriages is important due to the increased tolerance among Protestants of the Roman Catholic Church and its teachings. The most important decision in life is one’s choice of Christ. Second in importance is one’s choice of […]

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The Crisis in the Family

Is there a modern crisis in the family? Many Christian say so, pointing to the increase of divorce, the rise of juvenile delinquency, the loss of family solidarity, etc. There seems to be a change taking place in one of our fundamental institutions. Almost everyone will admit that this change is occurring: but instead of finding […]

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