Oh Praise Ye the Name of Jehovah

This is the fourth in a series of five articles analyzing the Hymn Proposal [HP] that was presented to URCNA Synod 2010. This series is written with the intention of making the members of the URCNA aware of the many changes made in the HP to the songs of the blue Psalter Hymnal [PH]. We begin this […]

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URCNA Hymnbook Proposal: Gender-neutral Language?

In 1999, the Psalter Hymnal Revision Committee formed in 1997 was given the mandate to work on a new URCNA hymnal. Finally, after thirteen years, the Hymn Proposal [HP] was presented by the committee for approval by the 2010 Synod. The preface states: “While the final collection of songs will be Psalms and hymns, this […]

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Major Changes in the Hymnal

In this third article of the series analyzing the Hymn Proposal [HP], I will look at some of the hymns of the blue Psalter [PH] that have been drastically changed in the HP.  The title of the cover page of the HP is: “The Hymn Proposal presented by The Psalter Hymnal Revision Committee of the […]

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