Needed: African Pastors

As we survey the African church scene we are struck by a weakness in consistent pastoral care of the flock. It is of note that Prof. Robert D. Parsons of Hartford Seminary, who recently has made a survey of West African Churches, has come to the same conclusion. He feels that securing a number of ministers […]

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The Changing Face of our Nigerian Mission

In a recent article we signalized some of the deep-rooted problems which face the Christian Reformed Church and her mission enterprise in Nigeria. Since 1940, when the church assumed responsibility for the work begun by the late Johanna Veenstra and her colleagues, God has richly blessed the labors of the church and her missionaries. Two national […]

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Nigeria: A Challenge in Mission Strategy

The face of the Christian Reformed Church is still turned to Nigeria in love, representing God’s compassion in Christ to that land. This is one phase of the sense of mission which grips the section of Christ’s church to which we belong. It testifies that the joy, peace and fulfillment found with us cannot be bottled […]

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