Education – Government or Christian?

The supreme courts decision which seeks to eliminate religious activity from all government schools has served to focus attention on the problem of education. There has been a renewed interest in private religious schools. Yet parents who would prefer sending their children to a private school find it difficult to do so because of the expense […]

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The Christian Home

When a structure begins to crumble, we must look to its foundations for the source of its weakness. One of the foundations on which our society was built was the sanctity of marriage and the home. Today we witness the erosion of this foundation. The divorce courts are filled. Marriage has become an experiment in the […]

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Africa’s Challenge to Missions

PRESENT-DAY TURMOIL The continent of Africa is in deep turmoil. Revolutions, terrorism, hatred, and a rising militant nationalism are the order of the day, In fact the white man is continually being pushed out. This is often true of tho missionary as well as of business men, farmers, administrators and advisors. Fanatical religious-political groups have arisen to […]

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