The Conservative and the Changing Church

Rev. John H. Engbers, pastor of the Calvin Christian Reformed Church of Rock Valley Iowa, delivered this article as an address at a public meeting at the Grandville Avenue Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 27 at the time of the Annual Meeting of Reformed Fellowship, Inc. As you may know, I am a […]

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Rise Up, Ye Men of God!

Many religious leaders today are alarmed about the lack of growth in our churches. A decline in church loyalty, accompanied by a loss of church membership, seems to be a rather common phenomenon in our time. People act as if the decline of the church is something that cannot be avoided. It is even suggested by some […]

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Synod 1993 (Part II)

Synod 1993 concluded its sessions late Thursday afternoon, June 17. The final gavel sounded and the delegates prepared to return to their respective homes, churches and communities. Some left with a sense of major accomplishment while others left with heavy hearts and a deep concern for the denomination. Throughout the sessions synod attempted to divert the […]

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