Flood Geology

The Holy Spirit has given to mankind in the book of Genesis a rather detailed account of one of the greatest catastrophes in the history, of the human race. Is there anyone among us who has not at some time or other been deeply moved by the story of the flood? The picture of a dove returning […]

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The Stars Tell Time

In our last article we asked, among other things. “When did God call the universe into being?” We pointed out that there was some disagreement among Christians on that score and that a number of them were inclined to accept the erroneous chronology of Bishop Ussher. A careful study of Scripture bears out the fact […]

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When did God call the universe into being? When did God create Adam and give him the injunction to subdue the earth? When were the mountains formed? Was it during the Noachian deluge or long before the creation of man? Were the coal beds created in their present form or are they the product of […]

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