Torch and Trumpet Honored

The TORCH AND TRUMPET has been a member of the Evangelical Press Association for only one year. Yet at the annual convention of the EPA, held on May 12–14 in Grand Rapids, the TORCH AND TRUMPET received two significant awards. The first award was received in the category called “Higher Goals in Christian Journalism.” TORCH AND TRUMPET received FIRST place in the two-color cover category with the entry of the February, 1969 cover entitled, “What’s Wrong with Preaching Today?” The cover was designed by Dr. Wayne De Jonge who has been doing the layout and design for TORCH AND TRUMPET for the past year. Wayne is artist and designer for The Board of Publications of the Christian Reformed Church, and a free lance designer. The judge in this particular category, Mr. John L. Sellers, vice-president and creative director of Les Hart Agency, Chicago, wrote regarding the entry regarding the entry of TORCH AND TRUMPET, “One of the most challenging situations a designer is faced with is that of budget limitations that require him to produce a two-color cover that doesn’t look like a low budget job. The designer of TORCH AND TRUMPET has met the challenge admirably. Sensitive typography and exceptional use of screens within the color limitations imposed result in a cover that would be outstanding by any measure. TORCH AND TRUMPETS cover compares favorably with any cover treatment to be found on any magazine produced in America today, regardless of budget.”

The second award was received in the category called “Periodical of the Year Award Contest.” Each of the 79 periodicals entered in this contest is placed into one of eight different categories depending on its purpose and emphasis. TORCH AND TRUMPET entered this contest in the “General” category. It received a SECOND place tie with Eternity magazine in this contest. Commenting on the journalistic effectiveness of TORCH AND TRUMPET, one of the judges in this contest, Dr. Clyde S. Kilby of Wheaton College, wrote, “TORCH AND TRUMPET immediately strikes one as a periodical of clear, sharp aims and the full and careful attention to carry them out. The writing is excellent, and in fact I am greatly impressed with the magazine. It obviously assumes a pretty high quality of reader.”

TORCH AND TRUMPET also received a “Worthy of Display” award for the cover of the May-June, 1968 issue under the title, “Who Was Martin Luther King?”

Even though these acclaims are satisfying, it is even more rewarding to note that the cause of conservative, Biblical journalism is being recognized by noted authorities in the field of Christian journalism. It is to be hoped that TORCH AND TRUMPET and Reformed Fellowship, Inc. will continue the kind of format and writing that has won for it these honors from the Evangelical Press Association.