The Teener’s Corner

Pay a Girl Friend’s Church Collection?

Question: Is it correct for a young man to give his friend collection when he is taking her to church? Also, is it correct for him to give her collection when going to a program where admission is not charged, but a collection is taken for a cause? This refers to such things as hymn sings, choir programs, etc. which are sponsored on Sunday evenings.

Also, I would like to know if we may print parts of your new column in our school paper, as not all of the students receive tins paper and your column will certainly be of interest to them.

Answer: When a young lady and her gentleman friend are worshipping together on the Lord’s Day, they are not on a date. True, by pre-arrangement they may have come to church together, but during the worship they are worshippers. As such they participate in the spiritual exercises as members of the Body of Christ, not as daters. When the offering is taken, each member of that Body expresses his thanksgiving and praise in the act of giving. This expression should be as personal as possible. If the young lady accepts money from her friend for offertory purposes, when she has money of her own, the personal clement, I should say, is inexcusably absent from her offering.

Regarding hymn sings, choir programs, etc., the situation is somewhat different, since the congregation is not officially convened. But even so, I feel it is proper to make our participation in the offering as personal as circumstances permit.

You may quote from this column in your school paper, provided you indicate the issue of Torch and Trumpet from which you are quoting.

P.S. Also identify Rev. L. Greenway as the writer (Managing Editor).