Teeners’ Corner: What About Attending a Charm School?


I will soon be out of my teens and some of my friends at the office are urging me to attend an evening Charm School with them. My parents are shocked that their daughter would even think of such a thing, and every time I bring up the subject we have an unpleasant scene in our home. Would you regard it sinful of me to take a course in this school?


I don’t know much about Charm Schools. We once had a neighbor who took such a course and I faintly recall some of the things she said about it to my wife. It seems that they teach you how to sit, how to stand, and how to walk, but I would assume that quite some time ago you learned how to do all that. Lessons are given in how to smile charmingly. This probably involves some suggestions regarding the proper exposure of the teeth. I recall that the neighbor mentioned above exposed some of her teeth when she was not smiling, but no one thought less of her for it. The course, as I remember my wife telling me about it, also includes instructions on the perennial problem of hair-do and face make-up. Here I would venture a word of caution about the hair-do or do-not matter. With the styles changing as rapidly as they do, aren’t you afraid that by the time you get your diploma or pin or badge don’t know just what the final credentials are -the current hair and head arrangement wiII have changed? Someone said the other day that the bouffant style, made popular by Jacqueline Kennedy, is soon to be replaced by a new arrangement that resembles an upside down nasturtium.

Is it sinful for you to attend such a school? Not necessarily. But are you sure you need that training? By the way, a brisk walk every day is good for the posture, provided your shoes fit properly. And after a brisk walk you will know how to sit down with a minimum , of effort. It comes quite naturally!