Teeners’ Corner: Fails to Cultivate His Gifts


I am concerned about my 17 year old brother. He is a talented boy, especially in the fine arts. He has a real gift for sketching and painting. But he is neglecting the gift. He spends his spare time reading comic books and watching television. How can I reason with him and show him his folly?



I gather from your letter that your brother has better than average intelligence and that he may be disposed to listen to a reasonable argument. You might try to show him that there is a law in character development which reads: To use is to have. It reminds us of the Biblical principle, “Whosoever hath, to him shall be given” (Matthew 13:12). Treasure grows when it is properly used. The more the intellect is exercised for the high purpose for which God gave it, the more it develops. On the other hand, when we substitute eyes for the mind, when we substitute looking for thinking, we are in danger of disqualifying ourselves for solid thought or work. In this modem age when so many gadgets and conveniences are afforded us for making life easy and comfortable, it is wise to remind ourselves that on the familiar path of ease and comfortableness many people are allowing their finer faculties to wither through sheer disuse, What we cultivate will grow; what we neglect will die!

Leonard Greenway