Teener’s Corner


I am writing this letter with a heavy heart. In fact I did not want to write it, but a friend of mine far whom you answered a question some months ago urged me to lay my problem before you. Please do not reveal my name to anyone, because if my family finds out I have written you they will make life even mo/’e miserable far me. It is bad enough already.

I quit school when I was still young. My brothers and sisters are much better students. Two of them have gone on to college and are doing well. My parents and my brothers and sisters keep nagging me because I did not do good work in school and quit so soon. They take every chance they have to remind me that I don’t have much education. Life has become so miserable that I am afraid I will have a nervous breakdown. I went to Dr…..and he gave me some medicine and advised me to leave home and get an apartment with some other girls. What shall I do?


There are few injustices in life more cruel than what you are suffering. It is beyond me to explain the attitude of your parents except to state that personal pride may account for some of it. And that may be the case with your brothers and sisters too. To say that they ought to be ashamed of themselves is to give only mild expression to my feelings respecting them.

If you can get an apartment with some Christian girls in a reasonably good neighborhood, and if you feel strong enough to withstand the temptations and irregularities that often accompany living in an apartment, I would advise you to follow your doctor’s counsel. By all means keep in touch with your pastor and church.

The fact that you did not finish school does not mean that your life is useless. You have your place in life just as well as your brothers and sisters have theirs. Don’t let it get you down. Look up!

People without a diploma also have their place in God’s Kingdom!