Sound Bites Torch and Trumpet 1960

January 1960

“We are determined before God to be a clear and fearless voice for the faith of our fathers in our time. We want to be a confessionally faithful witness. This is the only honest course for the church of Christ.” Our Magazine – 1960 – and You

Reformed Fellowship, Inc.

Question: Sometime ago you wrote an article about “Smellies” in which you said that a new kind of movie is being produced in which smell will be added to sight and sound…

Answer: As for my criticism of modern amusements…I do not hesitate to say the run of the mill productions of Hollywood already smell.”

Teener’s Corner: Movies That Smell Leonard Greenway

February 1960

“Sometimes, when public disagreement is expressed with views that were uttered in public, whether by the spoken or the written word, those who are displeased with the public dissent – either because they were in sympathy with he first speaker or writer, or because they are afflicted with the prevailing allergy to controversy – complain that Matthew 18 was violated and that those who took public issue with the views first aired are lacking in brotherly love.”

* * * * *

“We know of no principle, rule, or passage in Scripture which forbids public refutation of public utterances which are held to be unsound.”

Use and Misuse of “Matthew 18” Henry J. Kuiper

“Guilt defined as breaking God’s law and meriting the wrath of God has few spokesmen. Guilt has become narrowed merely to a bad conscience and has little relation to the flaming holiness of God. Hell too has withdrawn into the background, becoming one of the unmentionables of modern theology.”

* * * * *

“[L]ove believeth all things, but is not blind. This love is altogether kind, but does not set aside the law of God.”

Love and Sentiment C. John Miller

“It is just not true that the church must have organizational unity to fulfill its evangelistic commission. We best serve the cause of Christ and our fellow Christians if we stand firmly for the gospel even at the apparent cost of creating disunity.”

The Unity and Disunity of the Church Peter De Jong

March 1960

“It is very essential to realize that the dogmas confessed in the Standards have not been gathered from sources outside of Scripture.”

Are Office-bearers Bound in Their Beliefs? Nicholas J. Monsma

April 1960

“The deepest root of all the violent outbreaks of youthful depravity in present-day society is the lack ofthorough religious and moral training in the homes of the nation.Because multitudes have departed from the teachings of the Word of God, there is no fear of God in their hearts and no sense of responsibility to a higher Being to whom all men will give an account some day of all they have said and done.”

Juvenile Delinquency and the Book of Proverbs Henry J. Kuipers

“Knowing the Word we must accept it. When it speaks, we must listen; when it commands, we must obey; when it promises, we must trust; when it chides, we must submit.”

Faith: The Prerequisite for Prayer John B. Hulst

May/June 1960

“[T]he stone was rolled from the grave not so much for Christ’s exit as the disciple’s entrance; the body that entered the room with the locked door would find a stone no barrier either.”

* * * * *

“Man since paradise stands under the divine curse, and Scripture knows no way of lifting that sentence but by the penal-substitutionary death of Christ. Scripture presents no hope of benefiting by that death but by incorporation into Christ.” Christ’s Ascension, the Church’s Enrichment William F. Vander Hoven “The Holy Spirit sustains a very special relation to the Word of God. He is not only its Author; he also uses it as his instrument for the performance of his work. He not only produced it; he alone can make it a living Word in the hearts and lives of men.”

Pentecost and the Word Henry J. Kuiper

“The Christian who believes that Scriptures are God’s Word cannot consistently hold that Scriptures were originally corrupted by errors. To deny the truthfulness of God’s Word amounts to a denial of the truthfulness of God.”

The Bible and Non-Inspired “Sources” Joseph A. Hill

“[T]he great safeguard for our children lies in our prayers for them and with them and in the exposure we give them by our example of Christian living.” Insulation Against a Mad World

-Is It Possible? Wilma Por Bouman

July/August 1960

“There is a true church and a false church and the false church may not merely be a religious organization distinct from the true church; both may be wrapped up in one and the same denomination. One congregation may be on the side of the seed of the serpent while another congregation of the same communion, located perhaps in the same city, may be on the side of the Seed of the Woman, namely Christ. Therefore every movement for the union of all churches, or of all Protestant churches only, is based on a false premise, namely, that the church is essentially a visible institution and that every church which professes to believe in Christ is part of the true church of Christ.”

The Antithesis as a Cornerstone of Christian Life and Action Henry J. Kuiper

September 1960

“The curse of orthodoxy today is the silence of its advocates.”

When Orthodoxy is Silent

Edwin H. Palmer

“[T]here exists a lack of appreciation of the heritage Reformed people possess; a heritage, yes, but one which cannot be kept alive without personal dedication.”

* * * * *

“[P]eople seem to have delegated all theological power to the minister, thus lapsing into an attitude of stagnant security which asks no questions and makes no commitments.”

As An “Outsider” Sees the Christian Reformed Church Martha Hamilton

“We worry about our health or the health of our children, we are anxious about meeting monthly payments for car, tuition, and other things. We worry about the weather because if it doesn’t rain the crop will be a failure. But all our hand-wringing, fretting, and nail-biting does not produce one drop of rain, meet a single payment, or produce rosy cheeks on our children. The fact is we do have cares, and the only way to deal with them is to turn each one into a prayer.”

Praying Mothers Pearl Tadema

October 1960

“All men who recognize that religion is a heart-matter and concerns the most sacred relationship of man to His God, will agree that a man’s politics are influenced by his religious convictions and that man ought to obey God rather than man.”

Should Protestants Help Elect a Catholic President Henry R. Van Til

November 1960

“There are two things a minister can do to make his catechism preaching more lively and interesting. The first is: Study Scripture…the second: Study man.

Catechism Preaching William Hendricksen

“Christian liberty is the right to let our sanctified conscience be our guide only in those matters of conduct concerning which we have no clear divine command. Such matters are usually called adiaphora, things indifferent, though we must add that there would probably be no adiaphora if we understood all the implications of God’s law.”

The Law of Liberty and the Law of Love Henry J. Kuiper

“Heresy has a way of beginning in a seemingly innocent way. Almost always it originates, not with denial of truth, but with emphasis on one truth at the expense of another.”

* * * * *

“[D]oes not history show that he who today places something else on a par with Scripture is in imminent peril of tomorrow placing that other thing above Scripture.”

Withstand Beginnings! R. B. Kuiper

December 1960

“[I]f God sends the minister to the people, he likewise sends the people to the minister.”

* * * * *

“If the minister has the conviction that he is where he is by the call of God, he should have the same confidence that the people to whom and for whom he speaks are where they are by the call of God.”

God Sends The People to the Minister Leonard Greenway