Sound Bites -1987

January 1987

“Pro-life voters are often criticized for being single issue voters. But, is there any issue more basic than life itself?”

Needed: Christian Activists Laurie Vanden Heuvel

February 1987

“Matthew 18 applies to private sins and personal grievances. It does not apply to ecclesiastical decisions of a public nature nor writings in the church press which are by their very nature public.”

Misusing Matthew 18 Jelle Tuininga

March 1987

“The set of doctrines which express the Reformed faith are an intricate and interdependent package. It is impossible to alter any significant doctrines or practice without affecting all. There is no domino theory to doctrine.”

The Duty of Being Concerned Stephen M. Arrick

May 1987

“The GKN representative to the Synod of ‘86 told me: We read the Bible differently than you do. I responded by saying that it is not so much a matter of reading the Bible differently, but a matter of believing or not believing what it clearly teaches.”

“Common-Law” Marriage Jelle Tuininga

September 1987

“Christians must be involved in political action based on their faith conviction. In the name of the Lord the hungry must be fed and justice must be sought.”

A Critical Evaluation Johan D. Tangelder

“I want my children taught in school what I teach them at home and in the church – and that is the unalloyed Biblical faith which we know as the Reformed faith. Why

area of origins they are in fact one-sided and dogmatic.”

* * * * *

“It is doubly ironic that whereas our Christian schools rightly hold that neutrality is impossible, and rightly claim to be dogmatic, that there is in them more and more a watering down of doctrine, particularly in the area of origins, to accommodate a more pluralistic liberal Christianity.”

Evolution in the Christian High School David A. Kloosterman