Sound bites – 1985

January 1985

“When assemblies disregard the Bible, creeds and church order, the decisions are invalid and may not compel members to support what violates the Word of God.”

The Road Ahead

Peter De Jong

“Arguments advanced for opening the door to women in office are virtually identical to those employed to promote more liberal views on other topics such as, for example, homosexuality.”

Regarding Bible and Culture

John Byl

April 1985

“The truth is above all. No blind loyalty to an institution (not even to the church) should make us compromise the truth. And the conscience of the believer is bound by the Word of God alone.”

A Little Plain Talk About the Church

Jelle Tuininga

“It is sad that the Christian world has become so insensitive to the reality of divine calling. Looking for a thrill instead of God’s will can only bring pain. Not to mention disaster for God’s cause!”

Comment and Opinion

John H. Piersma

May 1985

“Islam has never recognized realistically the consequences of man’s rebellion against God. While admitting the fall of Adam as an historic event, Islam does not possess the Biblical realism which makes us acknowledge the seriousness of man’s sinfulness.”

The Biblical Approach

Shirley W. Madany

July/August 1985

“The Reformed gave intense study to the subject of worship because they were concerned that our worship be according to God’s Word. We haven’t examined our heritage of worship and seen that it was grounded in the Word of God. And so we are in great danger of being led astray by music that doesn’t honor the holiness of God, by ritual more oriented to our experience than to God’s grace, by novel forms of worship such as liturgical dancing, utterly alien to the Reformed tradition and the spirituality of its worship.”

* * * * *

“In church a couple of weeks ago we sang the familiar hymn, ‘Am I a Soldier of the Cross?’ My attention was especially caught by the third stanza, ‘Is this vile world a friend to grace, to help me on to God?’ It struck me that many people are answering that question, ‘Yes.’”

Where are We Going?

W. Robert Godfrey

“Jesus told the disciples to make disciples, not converts. A disciple is a long term student who shoulders a cross as he follows the Master.”

On the Northwest Iowa Chapter of Reformed Fellowship

Mark Vander Hart

September 1985

“We live in a society that is becoming increasingly estranged from the Bible. Even in its churches there is a growing denial of or questioning of the Bible’s inerrancy and infallibility, and a corresponding indifference to it and ignorance of it.”

Like a Baby Craves Milk

John Blankespoor

“When we compare Christian education with public education, we are not talking about two parallel institutions, in one of which there is a little peppering of religion; we are talking about two institutions that are on diametrically opposed paths, with two radically distinct objectives.”

The Three Pillars of Christian Education

John Engbers

November 1985

“If it be true that salvation is altogether of the Lord, than both substance and method must be of Him. The Scriptural teaching regarding Jehovah must not be confused with the Quranic teaching regarding Allah.”

Bridges to Islam

Fredrick W. Evans, Jr.