Thanks for the opportunity to comment on this reaction to my letter to the President.

I did not intimate that homosexual vice was the only sin of Sodom which called for divine judgment, and Ezekiel 16:49,50 certainly doesn’t say that its only sin was robbing the poor—it mentions in particular its “detestable things.” Go back to Genesis 19:5 and see what “detestable things” the investigating angels found: “Men from every part of the city, both young and old” demanded the visitors in order “to have sex with them” (v. 5). Sodom’s population demonstrated exactly what God’s law in Leviticus 18:22–30 described as the vices for which God wiped out the previous inhabitants of the land and for which He would wipe out any who imitated them. Paul in Romans 1:27,32 confirms this unchangeable law of God denouncing such perversions as worthy of death. For this sexual perversion Sodom became so notorious that it has been called “sodomy” for 4000 years! Should we now let liberal theologians, politicians, news people, entertainers and teachers persuade us to accept, or even defend and promote as virtues, these vices which God detests?

How can our correspondent make the claim that “there have never been any savages in the world created by God”? Has he forgotten the Fall reported in Genesis and its consequences of our universal lostness and need of a Savior? Try to tell missionaries who for decades worked among headhunting tribes that for thousands of years had been killing one another, and who daily see the transformations the Lord through His gospel is bringing to some of the most degraded and wretched peoples in the world, that they should have stayed at home! Would we dare to tell them that they should have left those tribes in their native freedom instead of enslaving them to the inhibitions of God’s gospel and law? Surely our correspondent isn’t suggesting that our Frisian ancestors should have been left in such happy paganism by missionary Boniface (whom they killed) and other missionaries who followed? We need to stop discriminating between nations who God made out “of one” (Acts 17:26). But let us not forget that Christ who is wonderfully saving people and nations that believe in Him, is also the ruling King who crushes and destroys all people and nations that reject and revolt against Him (Psalm 2; d. also 9:17)—including us and our own country.


Peter De Jong