Oppression is Openly Opposed

It looked innocent enough when it began. The oppression is now openly opposed. The disparity shown for the inequality that it is. Yet like hot magma, it soon oozed out of its boundaries to engulf everything in its path. As Mt. Vesuvious, it’s a destructive force that is out of control.



I speak of the radical feminist movement. Behind the slaughter of the innocent and the destruction of the family lies the hissing lava of radical feminism. But is this simply the rantings of a frightened and insecure man or can I back any of this up? Well, you decide for yourself.

In his book, Spirit Wars, Dr. Peter Jones writes: “The sexuality of Western civilization has been deconstructed in just one generation. The role of women has changed drastically, representing a mega-shift in the perceptions of human sexuality. Feminism has opened doors to many other changes.” According to the National Organization of Women, the arch-enemy which every self-respecting woman must vehemently oppose is “patriarchy.” This includes but is not limited to the reduction of the role of the man in the home and the church. It also rejects understanding God in the masculine form — even though He chose to reveal Himself in such a manner.

Naomi Goldenberg, a leader in the feminist movement, believes that God the Father (so revered in the Judeo-Christian Scripture) is the “architect of the patriarchal society.” This God must be jettisoned. She writes in her book, Changing of the Gods, that “the new wave of feminism desperately needs to be not only many-faced, but cosmic and ultimately religious in its vision.” In speaking of the God of the Bible she said, “We women are going to bring an end to God.” This is nothing less than “Eve” gone berserk.

A practicing lesbian, Virginia Mollenkott believes that “compulsory heterosexuality” (with one man and one woman in one home) “is the very backbone that holds patriarchy together.” Kate Millet, another radical feminist, says, “A woman is called a lesbian when she functions autonomously. Women’s autonomy is what women’s liberation is all about.” It’s also what both the man and the woman decided to try in the Garden of Eden and ended up in anything but Paradise.

Dr. Radford Ruether is professor of applied theology at Garrett-Evangelical Seminary in Evanston, IL. In his mind, patriarchy is the work of the devil, the mark of the beast, the great Babylon, the evil land of Egyptian slavery from which the church should organize one modern-day exodus.

Now you know why the liberal church, buying into this hideous heresy, has pushed for the ordination of women even though God’s Word clearly forbids that in I Timothy 2:12, not based on the supposed superiority of the man but on the basis of function—God having the right to establish roles and order. Jesus was not less than the Father because He was under the Father’s authority, was He? I am not less than my wife because God did not give me the function of birthing children, am I?

By the way, I am in no way excusing the sin of male gender down through history. But the Scriptures does not change with the winds of changing culture or even because of the sinfulness of man (we haven’t done away with pastors because some have shamefully failed in that high office). The bottom line is that your local feminist is not just laboring for equal pay, but for revolution that is demonic at its core, and we are just now beginning to reap the whirlwind. Stay tuned!

Rev. Gary Cox is senior pastor of Meadowview Reformed Presbyterian Church (PCA), Lexington, NC.