Letters to the Editors


Dear Brother in Christ:

The June 11 issue of De Wachter contains an article written by its editor commending the official prayer rendered by the World Council of Churches at its General Assembly meeting in Uppsala, Sweden this month. Apparently he sees nothing wrong with this prayer, having been in all likelihood willing to participate in it while sitting as observer at the World Council communion table with communists of the iron curtain, ultra left wing modernists, social gospelers and the rest of the ungodly crowd comprising this evil organization, which according to its announced theme “All Things New” will devote itself to social and religious world revolution.

Unfortunately while doing so it was as an official representative of the Christian Ref. Church, thereby unequally yoking our beloved church with this apostate fellowship. In the eyes of the entire Christian world this could not help but be construed as indicating that the CRC is now favorably inclined towards WCC and that this is a first step to ultimate union. Moreover, by participating in the WCC prayer CRC is invoking the blessing of Almighty God upon this action in the name of Jesus Christ!

Consider for a moment the frightening implications of the various petitions in this prayer for our church:

(1) “We thank Thee that Thou hast given us a place to serve Thee in Thy plan for the world.” What other plan does WCC have in mind than the ecumenical dream of a one world super church? Is it this for which we through our authorized representative should pray?

(2) “We confess that we have not envisioned or understood what Thou art busy doing in the world and that we have not been desirous to labor with Thee but have only been willing to do today what we have done yesterday.” What is this but a slap in the face of those whose sole concern is the proclamation of the true Bible gospel of salvation and are unwilling to swing over to the social gospel? Are we satisfied to have our representative pray such a prayer on our behalf? If so, then we are invoking upon our church the two fold anathema of Galatians 1:8 and 9.

(3) “Show us the true priorities the one thing that counts; namely, Thy purpose of healing and peace for all mankind.” Anyone with even the slightest acquaintance with WCC knows that what is meant here is not individual salvation through the blood of Christ but social salvation through the restructuring of society in the pattern of world revolution. What a prostitution of and defection from the very heart of our Christian religion! If this is what our representative is authorized to pray for on our behalf then we have sold out to the enemy of souls and have invoked upon ourselves the catastrophic curse.

(4) “We pray for all the churches within the Ecumenical Movement.” Which includes those who have repudiated the true gospel and those in communist countries who are collsenting to the death of our martyred brethren behind the iron curtain. How can our beloved CRC take part in such infamy?

(5) “Help us while we seek after new social and international structures.” In other words help us to further ways and means of bringing about the coming one world church of antichrist. If this is what the CRC is asking its representative to do, it is praying for its own destruction!

Brethren, this wee prayer is a prayer of blasphemy! Participation in it is to cast incense before an ecumenical Baal! It is spiritual fornication with modem Mystery Babylon! No blessing can possibly rest on any such action. Rather the “fearful looking for of judgment and fiery indignation which shall devour the adversaries.” Hebrews 10:27.

When things come to such a pass there is but one thing left to do. Sound the Gideon trumpet alarm, “Come out of her my people, that ye be not partaker of her sins and receive not of her plagues.” Revelation 18:4. May we as a CRC apply this sovereign remedy for defection proclaimed by Almighty God through all or Scripture and stop flying like senseless moths around the deadly flame of World Council apostate ecumenism!

Yours for the great antithesis,